An internship might not pay much — or at all — but it can be the start of a great career. Learn how to write a resume, apply for an internship, interview effectively, and make the most of your internship.
College interns working in a business office
Why You Should Have an Internship Program
An intern being taught by mentor at an internship
Are Interns Eligible to Receive Healthcare Benefits?
Business training at computer workstations.
Top 8 Tips for Employers to Develop a Successful Internship Program
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Answering the Interview Question: What are Your Weaknesses?
Here Are the Common Challenges New Interns Face and How to Handle Them
Business Handshake
The Top 12 Soft Skills Employers Seek
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What Is Job Shadowing?
Intern sitting in a waiting area waiting for an internship interview
How to Know If an Internship Is Legit
A mentor and mentee
8 Qualities of a Good Mentor
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What to Do About an Internship Offer You Don't Want
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How Virtual Internships Work—and Sometimes Don't Work
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Internships Are Essential for Students to Build a Career
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How Experiential Education Can Help You Get a Job
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Summer Internships Are a Great Way to Make Professional Contacts
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The Value of Offering Paid Internships
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How Internships for College Credit Really Work
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Here's How to Get Paid for an Internship
Intern shaking hands with interviewer after accepting an internship
From Paid to For-Credit: These Are the Types of Internships You Can Do
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How to Find an Internship at Yahoo
An intern working with her manager at a summer job
Do Paid Internships Actually Lead to Full Time Work?
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Here's What You Need to Know About Interning with the NBA
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How to Evaluate Your Internship Experience
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What to Do When Your Internship Is Not What You Expected
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Learn the Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Internships
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Internship Expectations
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Discover the Benefits of Doing an Unpaid Internship
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How to De-Escalate Conflict in a Work Environment
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Top Reasons for Doing an Internship and How to Turn It Into a Job
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Experience an Internship With the Ford Foundation
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Tips for Turning Your Internship Into a Full Time Job
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8 Ways to Find The Perfect Internship When You Are in College
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How to End Your Internship on a High Note
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Using LinkedIn to Find Internships
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Help, I Can't Find an Internship?
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How to Establish Goals at a Good Internship
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What Is a Stipend?
How to Find the Right Summer Internship
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Avoid These 8 Mistakes to While Doing an Internship—and Get Ahead
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The Real Value of Doing an Internship
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Tips for Getting a Remote Internship
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Internship Opportunities for Students of Color
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All About a Gap Year After Graduation
College student finding an internship during winter break
5 Strategies for Finding a Winter Break Internship
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Here Are 6 Helpful Tips on How You Can Build a Professional Portfolio
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8 Websites Where You Can Find Internships
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Gain the Job Experience You Need Through Postgraduate Internships
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What to Say in a Thank-You Note After Internship or Job Rejection
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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Government Internship
Man in suit writing a letter for an internship in finance.
Here Are Tips On How to Write a Cover Letter for a Finance Internship
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How to Write a Resume for an Internship in Finance
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What to Include and How to Write a Cover Letter for a Law Internship
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Check Out This Sample Public Relations Internship Cover Letter
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What to Include in a Cover Letter for a Merrill Lynch Internship
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Follow These Tips to Write a Resume for a Marketing Internship
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Should I Include in a Cover Letter for an Art Internship?
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How Do I Write a Resume for a Business and Economics Internship?
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What to Include in a Cover Letter for an Education Internship
Young woman writing an internship resume on her laptop while sitting on the floor in her dorm room.
Learn How to Write an Internship Resume With This Easy Template
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What You Should Include in a Government Internship Resume
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First Year College Students Internship Tips