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Does your boss have to give you sick leave? Can you be fired without prior notice? Use these tips and resources to get legal and government policy information about employee rights.

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Text reads: "The purpose of a reprimand letter: sent in conjunction with human resources to an employee who has not improved; typically preceded by coaching and counseling by manager; continues paper trail of transparency at every step of disciplinary process; occurs as a logical extension of progressive discipline to help the employee improve performance"
Use These Samples to Write a Formal Employee Reprimand Letter
African American man dressed in suit being handed his executive job offer in a folder
How to Write an Executive Job Offer Letter
Business People Using Laptop in Office to Make a Career Development Plan
Steps to Create a Career Development Plan
To succeed, every team needs to establish team norms and group guidelines.
Need a Sample of Relationship Guidelines or Norms That Teams Adopt?
Employee turns in signed handbook receipt acknowledgement form.
Sample Employee Handbook Acknowledgement of Receipt
Asian businessman working alone in his office
Need to Discipline a Late Employee? This Sample Reprimand Can Help
humorous portrayal of three employees in conflict
See the Examples of Potential Workplace Conflicts of Interest
A woman writing in a notebook
Want to Know What Goes Into an Employee Handbook Table of Contents?
Employees meet to give a disciplinary warning to a manufacturing employee
Progressive Discipline in the Workplace and How It Works
Person sitting at office desk presenting ballpen and contract
Use a Receipt Acknowledgment When Employees Get a New Policy
Stressed young businesswoman at office desk with notepad
Quitting for Personal Reasons? Here Are Resignation Letter Samples
Business people fitting puzzle pieces together
Sample Job Interview Questions for Employers to Ask
Four work colleagues chatting over lunch or break in the office canteen
What Breaks and Lunch Time Are Required at Work?
Every new employee must demonstrate eligibility to work in the US by filling out the I-9 form.
What to Know About the I-9 Form and Supporting Required Documents
Welcome a New Employee With an Introduction Letter
women sharing information at computer
Need a Sample Employee Handbook Introduction?
Worker scanning time clock with his id card
If You Need an Hourly Employee Attendance Policy, Use This Sample
A new employee has signed the employer requested non-compete agreement so everyone is smiling.
See Why Companies Use Non-Compete Agreements
Manager issuing a disciplinary warning form to two employees.
See the Form to Use to Issue a Disciplinary Warning to an Employee
Hiring manager using checklist for applicant interview
Your Handy Checklist for Recruiting and Hiring the Best Employees
Need to Reject a Job Candidate? These Letter Samples Will Help
Employment Application
Use These Sample Letters With Applicants You Won't Interview
Business people talking in meeting
Here Are Tips on How to Write a Job Candidate Rejection Letter
Employees wearing business casual attire attend a meeting.
A Sample Business Casual Dress Code to Enhance Workplace Success
Employee answering questions during a self-evaluation survey
Questions for Employees to Use During a Self-Evaluation of Their Work
Creepy Man and Nervous Woman
Sample Fraternization Policy for the Workplace
Businesspeople having conversation, while on the way to a meeting
Take a Look at Various Work Dress Codes and Business Attire Examples
Using a PIP to help you succeed
Use an Employee Performance Improvement Plan to Boost Productivity
Young co-workers having a meeting
Use This Sample Letter to Write a Job Offer to a Sales Representative
A young woman speaking on the phone with a file folder in hand.
Want to Know the Best Practices for Employee Personnel Files?
The Manager's Guide to Bereavement Leave, Pay, and a Sample Policy
Three employees looking at an email on a company computer
See a Sample Internet and Email Policy You Can Use With Your Employees
Car buried under a snow bank means someone will not be able to get to work.
Here's a Sample Inclement Weather Policy for Your Business
What Are the Job Responsibilities of an HR Manager?
This illustration shows a day in the life of a human resources generalist including "Employee relationship management," "Employee safety, welfare, and wellness education," "Compensation and benefits administration," and "Recruiting and staffing logistics."
Human Resources Generalist Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Shadow of business people in conference room
What Is a Confidentiality Agreement as It Relates to Employment?
Workers review ideas at a whiteboard
Why, When, and How to Develop a Company Policy
Employee resigns from her job for a new career opportunity
Sample Resignation Letter for a New Job Opportunity
woman smiling while reading email
Found the Right Candidate? Use This Letter to Offer Them the Job
Business people talking about their individually created job plans.
Creating a Job Plan Using a Sample Template Is Easy
Employee sitting in an office working on a self evaluation.
How Self-Evaluation Enhances Performance Development
HR Assistant smiling in the office sitting on floor working through papers.
HR Assistant Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
A Human Resources Director serves many functions in an organization including interviewing and hiring employees.
What Does an HR Director Do—Exactly?
Casual Guy looking at laptop
Here Is a Sample Company Blogging and Social Media Policy
Young woman and older woman talking at work desk
What Does Having an Open Door Policy at Work Mean for Employees?
A factory employee selects a timecard to punch in.
What is Workplace Attendance?
A hurricane makes landfall in a coastal town.
Snow Days and Emergencies: Should You Pay Employees?
Hiring manager discusses background of potential employee
What Are Negligent Hiring Claims?
A woman talks with a female applicant
The Checklist You Need to Interview Potential Employees
Workers using PTO exploring a suspension bridge in the forest
Need a Sample Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy?
Layoffs and job terminations are never happy but deadlines for employers exist in only a few cases.
What Notice Must an Employer Provide for Job Termination or Layoff?
Employers need to provide employees with a solid cell phone smartphone policy.
A Policy for Dealing With Cell Phones and Smartphones in the Office
Female creative taking notes on paper
Use These Sample Rejection Letters to Politely Reject a Job Candidate
Man giving a gift to a woman sitting at her desk.
Why You Need an Employee Gift Policy and a Sample Gift Policy
Businessman talking to co-worker in office
How to Tell Your Boss You're Going Back to School
Young female job applicant having an interview
See What an HR Director Does in a Job Specification Sample
Young woman interviewing for a job receives an early career job offer letter.
Need a Job Offer Letter Sample for an Employee Early in Their Career?
Workplace Couple Flirting
The Benefit of a Workplace Fraternization Policy
A day in the life of a marketing manage: Work with product development teams to manage new product, research and evaluate new product opportunities analyze the effectiveness of a company's marketing efforts and sales campaigns
Marketing Manager Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More
Explaining a Release of Claims
How to Use a Release of Claims in the Workplace

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